LIBRE Tokenomics

LIBRE is the native governance coin of the Libre blockchain.
The LIBRE supply is hard-coded via smart contract on the Libre chain.

High Level

Total Supply: 10B 
Circulating: 2B (see
Allocations: 0% to team and early investors
Burn: 1% fee on marketplace burns LIBRE via smart contract



Validator Rewards and Halvening
Validators on the Libre blockchain are rewarded with LIBRE tokens for each block they produce. Blocks are mined every 0.5 seconds, with validators rotating through production every 12 seconds. There is a scheduled halvening of block rewards every 6 months.

This process, which involves reducing the block rewards by half, occurs twice, helping to control the rate of new LIBRE entering circulation. Staking contributes to the security and stability of the network while ensuring a fair and transparent supply of LIBRE visible on-chain​​.

Staking Rewards
LIBRE holders receive staking rewards in LIBRE for securing the network. These rewards start high and gradually decrease over time, encouraging early and long-term participation in the network.

The staking rewards system is designed to incentivize two specific behaviors: staking earlier to earn more and staking longer to earn more. The annual percentage yield (APY) a staker receives is dependent on both the duration of the stake and the date of staking. Earlier staking and longer staking durations result in higher yields.

The staking logic and reward calculations are transparently stored on-chain, ensuring clarity and fairness for all participants​​.

Inflation Dynamics
The Libre blockchain is designed to be inflationary initially but becomes less inflationary over time. This inflation is directly coded into the system, providing predictability and transparency.

New tokens are minted systematically for each stake, rather than being generated en masse for the entire chain and then distributed to stakers of LIBRE. This method ensures a more controlled and equitable distribution of new tokens, aligning with the chain's goals of fairness and decentralization.

This approach to inflation and rewards aims to promote long-term stability and participation in the Libre ecosystem, with a focus on maintaining a healthy and sustainable economic model.

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