Fair Launch

Completed Jan 14

The Libre Mint Rush was a public "fair launch" of the LIBRE coin that went for 30 days starting Dec 15, 2022 and ended on Jan 14, 2023.
100% of the contributions went the trading of Libre on the Libre Swap and it is owned by the contributors.

The mint rush completed with 380 contributions. 2MM in LIBRE-BTC Liquidity and 95% LIBRE staked.

There is a BitcoinTalk announcement here with a good summary of Libre.

This page will remain live as a record of how people were able to participate.

Move Bitcoin to Libre

Create a Libre account on Bitcoin Libre or generate your own seed.

Get Bitcoin Libre or Anchor, then visit https://dashboard.libre.org/wallet and move Bitcoin into Libre by clicking "Receive." 

Lightning is instant, Bitcoin takes ~10 minutes. Once you have pegged Bitcoin (pBTC) on Libre everything is instant.

You will get some pegged Bitcoin on Libre chain. Reserves are audited daily here.


Mint and Stake

From December 15 until January, 14 2023 you will be able to participate by going to dashboard.libre.org/mint

For each contribution, you can choose your staking period. The minimum staking period is 30 days, all staking will begin on 1/15/2023 when the Mint Rush ends. The longer you stake, the greater your bonus.

Refer Friends

Share your referral code with friends to earn bonus LIBRE.

When you refer people to the Libre, you can earn a 10% bonus on whatever those accounts earn from their claim after the staking period.


Libre Trading Begins

On January 15, 2023 LIBRE will have a value, staking will begin and the Libre Swap AMM will have a liquidity pool with 100% of the BTC contributed by everyone in the Mint Rush.

These can be staked for additional rewards or cashed in for your LIBRE and pBTC.

Claim your Liquidity

By January 15, 2024 - you will have 100% of the LP tokens available for claim entitling you to your share of the liquidity pools that you funded at the beginning of the Mint Rush.


Dig Deeper

For more detailed information about the Mint Rush and the supply of Libre, visit the docs.

Visit docs.libre.org